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DILLINGER Big Showdown!

Dodano: 2009-05-03

Wyświetleń: 551159

Czas trwania: 07:24

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                  1973 Version of Public Enemy with Depp. This is the showdown of FBI with gangsters Dilllnger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd and others. True story. Check out a very young Richard Dryfeuss (Close Encounters, Jaws)                


Philip Cave
Always have more firepower than the authorities.
Wes McGee
Great movie. I saw it first run in 73. Just got my driver's license and drove by myself 20 miles to go see it. I'm 61 now kids.
galo de campina grande
Está guadrilha tava bem armados
galo de campina grande
Tanta armas e vacilão não sabe usar só tiro perdido
galo de campina grande
Ladrões vacilão merte as caras prá levar tiro
Shi Rou
Can't you see this lady's foot is hurt ... what a gentleman, but this lady was spraying with a BAR few seconds before.
"I didn't know anything about it, I thought they's all Millionaires"!
Every Man wishes they had a Woman like that providing Cover with a Machine Gun! "RUN, Johnny"! RUNNN!!!
Ken Mabie
1973 version with Depp .. yeah except Johnny Depp's first movie role was in Nightmare on Elm Street .. in 1984
Patty the Dick
To the person who uploaded & wrote a the introduction :. Your very first statement is so incorrect . You refer to this movie as " from 1973 with Depp " . I surely hope you were either smoking or snorting something to have made such an obviously erroneous statement ---even if Johnny Depp had been born at this time he couldn't have been more than 3 years old ! I'm thing the writer misspoke thinking about Depp in the new movie . I saw this movie when it was initially shown on ABC ( it was a made for tv movie ) ; being a retired police person myself I've always been troubled by the indiscriminate and murderous use of firearms by agents of the FBI . I've always wondered if the agency itself or any of the involved agents were ever taken to task for their outright murder of 3 peaceful law abiding citizens, who had come to the lodge for the purpose for which it exists, that is, to resude there while they hunted ! Three men were killed who posted no threat to those agents ( altho' in the movie an attempt is being made to portray them as would be killers , that's to keep the agents from being a mom ) .I know these are different times and we are a more litigious, but DAMN !! THIS outright blatant murder ( and I'm not basing my opinion on what was shown in the movie , I'm basing it on the historical records, witness statements , especially vuctims' statements and other non involved participants at the scene), since Hoover and his minions were unleashed without much supervision and certainly were not held to much scrutiny since the public as well as the gov't wanted the "criminals" caught . However, I would hope that those men's families sued the shit out if the USA and particularly the FBI and J Edgar " sweet butt" Hoover, and furthermore I hope they recovered and outstanding monetary award from the courts !