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Bassline UKG Mix 2019 #4

Dodano: 2019-04-14

Wyświetleń: 331075

Czas trwania: 25:39

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Opis materiału Bassline UKG Mix 2019 #4

                  Vocal Bassline & Jackin House & Garage & UKG & UK Bass & UKF & Videomix &Videoset & speed garage & 4x4  . Summer Mix & Bass Boosted Music to car, music to workout on the gym or party at home! 
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Sory for these first lines but I used few specific key words which people will probably use when they will searching for "similar" mix  :P

So, this is my new mix from new and also old tunes! My camera is tricky and to make video longer than 20 min, I had to use a lower video quality ... But ... You have longer mix :D Finally hehe :D Enjoy!

I didnt know how to name it because here is many genres but I decided to share it as a continuation series:"bassiline" mixes! 
As always , I would like to say that the mixes are created from passion for music - there are no special skills - I just share the music which I like :)
Check my fb :) www.fb.com/djdelayna                


Zero Tolerance
very poor video quality (((and the music is good
lola pinder
I love is song
Dominik Herda
17:30 please help
phil istine
tunes are tidy. skillz good. near 50 yr old ... been in the scene since ,mid eighties ... hated bassline etc... will be borrowing evry one of these sets ...cheers lass ..from and old rave dj ....you made my night ... NEW MUSIC....cheers
Franco DeA
Tune I.d at 3:45 absolute stonker
smirk when the mix is sick!! love it :))
Craig Davies
Killing it as always
Craig Davies
I love you
Craig Davies
Wow been watching you for years now and I'd give everything to learn you how to dance Welsh style