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P!nk - F**kin' Perfect (Explicit Version)

Dodano: 2011-01-19

Wyświetleń: 165655956

Czas trwania: 04:08

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Opis materiału P!nk - F**kin' Perfect (Explicit Version)

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Made a wrong turn once or twice
Dug my way out, blood and fire
Bad decisions, that's alright
Welcome to my silly life

Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
Miss 'No way, it's all good'
It didn't slow me down.
Mistaken, always second guessing
Underestimated, look I'm still around

Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel
Like you're less than fucking perfect
Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel
Like you're nothing, you're fucking perfect to me"                


Mariana Lucero
cinnA benladen
Im ballin my eyes out😭
mardy joseph
Jesus is the answer go to him for help
Anna Del Fade
I cried while listening to this song. This song is perfect to me.
Math Boss
Well shit ain't this one depressing comment section
Lost & found
Stranger Things
This song is my savor from the day I started to watch it and I’m thankful for it
Nancy Dee Beam
I still have my teddy bear...minus the nose. "EARL" is back, same apt.
Lukasz Chmurski
That's true. 🐅 😘