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Bull Haulin

Dodano: 2018-07-31

Wyświetleń: 533855

Czas trwania: 03:02

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Opis materiału Bull Haulin

                  From my "Burnin The Old School Down" album. Copyright 2018 William Weaver                


Just now hit my recommended love it
Chris Beal
Ronald Sears
Ain't no feelin like cow mobilin
Clinton J Howerton
Grandpa was a bull hualer. Song really describes him. Even the part about the limp
Bob Kim
Started bull hallen when i was 17 now in 68. Its a life. -you can take a trucker out his truck but you cant take trucken out a trucker-.
isaiah lambert
In the past 20+ years, my dad has hauled everything but livestock and fuel
Rebecca Weaver
Pleased to meet you Mr. Bill Weaver I'm a retired bullrider Blessed with the same name as you hope you don't mind that I shared this on my timeline TIA sir. My wifes' timeline.Lol.
Jerry Kinnin
Dad hauled bulls and cows for Watson Livestock Haulers Marion KY in the early 70s. 64 Emeryville and a Wilson potbelly. Good song.
Kevin Durden
I love this song
Kristopher Kross
Love this song,can't play it enough