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Time machine- Joe Satriani

Dodano: 2008-11-10

Wyświetleń: 114983

Czas trwania: 05:08

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Opis materiału Time machine- Joe Satriani

                  Time machine by Joe Satriani                


this song is pure orgasm
Alin Feodorov
Defenitly this song Is perfect
βud Small
this track was always playing in my head while doing big mountain climbs, whether skis, snowshoes, or mtn bike...perfect time sig/cadence for a mtn bike climb! 🗻↖🚲🎸👍
love it soo much but also, hahaha double rainbow OMG !!!! Lol love you Joe You Are The Best !!!!!!!!
Peter Borjesson
this album is one of my fav album by him,, of course i have them all,,been a total addict since Surfin album...
Mарк Алексеевич
wheres the repeat button????
This is just so awesome!
This song is so baddass that I've already broken several sets of strings on my air guitar
Shaun Meilak
Thanks for uploading this! Epic Track!
This is one of my my favorite songs by Satch. Awesome, thanks for uploading it. Your photographs are awesome too! Really nice shots.