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Cheryl Cole - Live In Concert Programme 25/12/12

Dodano: 2012-12-03

Wyświetleń: 529178

Czas trwania: 01:03:23

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Opis materiału Cheryl Cole - Live In Concert Programme 25/12/12

                  Credit to Snoop on GAM!                


Marcello Gama
Nick Jones
Not even trying to get the lipsink right! People pay all that money to see her but not hear her.
In those Ten Years you saw how far she came. From growing up in that Council House (A US Equivalent Of A White Ghetto), almost being groomed, being depressed then not knowing how one Simple Audition would change her life. She has become a Fairygodmother to so many up and coming Pop Stars including Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry. Her Dancers are amazing. The Fellows looked like they were part of a US Fraternity Step Show at a Historically Black College and her Dancers are also amazing. Fatima Robinson is one of the US's Top Female Choreographers who worked on the Live Version of The Wiz. Another Song she could have sang is "Take Me Higher" by Diana Ross who like Beyoncé was able to go from being Girl Group Icon to Solo Superstar. Cheryl also shares a Birthday with The Late Florence Ballard of The Supremes since they were both born on June 30th. Florence was 1943-1976 while Cheryl is still alive.
Jessider Bartolome
Obviously L.S
She reminds me so much of Diana Ross They both started out living in Low Income Housing. Cheryl in a Council House, Diana in Low Income Housing for Low Income Families. Cheryl worked in a Cafe, while Diana worked Busing Tables at a Department Store Cafeteria. They both auditioned and Louis Walsh and Berry Gordy both saw Diamond In The Roughs. Now they are both Legends. Diana Ross as The Most Successful Female Signer of all Time. !2 Number Ones with The Supremes, Four Solo, and the most successful Male/Female Duet of all Time with Endless Love. Cheryl like Beyoncé in terms of Girls Groups of this generation has also done well for herself. From Girls Aloud to Solo Work.
Cris Tecson
I really hope to see her in person, i love cheryl so much,
I'd rather go to chemo than a cheryl cole concert.
parissr 98
I'm not hating, she is a stunning woman and she is really good at dancing, her songs are cool and catchy but I don't think she can sing well enough to be this successful.
World of Imagination & Reality
Y'all really don't know the difference between autotune and miming, and she did a amazing concert
Mar p _paul