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How Successful You'll Be Depends On This Simple Thing! | Kyle Cease | Goalcast

Dodano: 2019-05-31

Wyświetleń: 82318

Czas trwania: 10:50

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Opis materiału How Successful You'll Be Depends On This Simple Thing! | Kyle Cease | Goalcast

                  Kyle Cease: "Your Mind Will Sabotage You!" ►►This is how you STOP your mind from getting in your way and reach your full potential. 

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Great talk. That bit about the voices is so real. 👌 We act so much out of the "need" for "SECURITY"...getting it, maintaining it, holding on to it for dear life.
Abhay Ranjan
2:27 god of cricket.....
Lim Swee Hoe
This is such a powerful video, all the powerful ideas of embracing oneself, the concept of consciousness, how we are above our experiences, moving on from the past etc all in one.
Lesley Kramer
It's funny, because it's true
Eric G. Harper Sr
When I think of all the wasted years going along just to get along in order to feel included. What he said is in synch with how I feel now!
7:55 really spoke to me. Gottem.
I know a lot of people who keep relationships with people they hate just because it's more convenient. I always destroy toxic relationships, no matter how inconvenient and annoying that can be... but then, I don't really care about "security" so much. I think people mistake what security really is for their comfort zone.
K A Armstead
Exactly, we don't need a VISION BOARD.
Pool or rich is just a state of mind🤳🤝
Peo0pl3 GA5
really sorry but there are people like me when we are sad, we do not tell anyone so we do not end up getting any kind of love. it gets even worse as they think im not productive or turning lazy.