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Danheim - Tyrfing

Dodano: 2017-05-30

Wyświetleń: 1039108

Czas trwania: 03:28

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Opis materiału Danheim - Tyrfing

                  Danheim - Tyrfing is from the album "Munarvagr"

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Vocals & Music by: Danheim (all rights reserved)                


Borja P
Best nordic song ever!!
Leszek Studios
- John!- What now?- Do you see that wolf over there, right?- That wolf without fur?- I killed him and he came back!- Are you sure?- Yes! I have even his fur on my back!- Well, I guess it was an nordic god or something... just throw away this fur and maybe he will go away.- Are you sure?- No.- I would like to keep it!- If you will die, then you will die you know?- Fuck it! I'm going to kill that wolf again!- You know, that you can't kill something that is already dead?- ...- ...- I will try at least...- Good luck!
Bart Van der Taelen
we should unite al celts gaul and nordic and germanic tribes
Svitjods Children
1:34 Viking rave.
next ut
Hardly you can call that music. I wonder why yt has it as suggestion. So I had to log and hit dislike.
Tutan Chamon
Excellent!Does anybody know which (string?) instrument is playing at, f.e., https://youtu.be/oYImXYb1WRo?list=PL_bu1-Zh13mCGVFKYyQC4Wn7mFcoflRtg&t=132 ?
Dominionist Gaming
It still amazes me how many people actually think this is the music they had. Idiots.
Andreas hocestbellum
truly an masterpiece
Black Tulpar
Nordic throat singing is very similiar with the Turkic and Mongolian throat singing. Dark,heavy and holy...