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The Cinematic Orchestra - 'To Build A Home'

Dodano: 2013-02-12

Wyświetleń: 13623245

Czas trwania: 06:10

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Opis materiału The Cinematic Orchestra - 'To Build A Home'

                  To Believe - The New Album
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Taken from their album 'Ma Fleur' - released 9 April 2007 on Ninja Tune.

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Emilia Hofer
isn’t it weird that our comments will stay until after we’re dead, and someone will reply not knowing that we are already deceased
Katie Grande
This brings me back ten years ago, when my grandmother lost her battle with cancer. I was at a friend's house when she passed, and I didn't find out she died until my dad knocked on the door. As soon as he said he had bad news, I ran back, past my deceased grandmother, and into my room. I felt so guilty.I didn't tell her that I loved her when I left because I thought she would at least survive for Christmas.
Diego Felipe
This is a underful song. It is absolutly amazinh how one peaple can put your heart in one think.
Elyse. Lol
Ik you feel like giving up like everything is hopeless but you have to keep on trying because something amazing is waiting on you keep on trying if u wanna find out keep your head up and fight like the king/queen you are :) ❤️💕
Domenico Maiolo
Ti amo
Giant Sister bleach
I’m getting bullied and I can’t do this shit anymore
Medina Qaja
do anybody know which movie this is?
Bjorn Streux
from wich movie is this?
How is it possible? being sad, wanting to hear a sad song, you came to read the comments and get even more depressed! God ... I really encourage everyone, at some point, everything will improve.