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Julie London-Misty

Dodano: 2008-05-14

Wyświetleń: 2973878

Czas trwania: 03:11

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Michel Parahy
Musique et voix , un joli renouvellement du "standard " ...Incontestable talent de Julie London .
I’m 72 years old now.This was one of my favorite music.Julie my love.
この特徴的な フルートの音思い出しました🎶
Edel Garcia
nice songs...
jeanmarie basset
Le morceau-phare d'Errol Gardner
Elizabeth Pengson
now.. that's what's called bedroom voice
FABULOUS! Smoky, silky smooth, like a velvet fog similar to Mel Torme. I love what she does with dynamics and expressiveness. She drops off almost to nothing! Gorgeous!
Santino Shariffe
what year is this? need to know..i really like Johnny Mathis but im not sure if this is the original since it looks very old
Robert RamJam
Did she sing on any episodes of Emergency?
My Hanny
やはりミコちゃんの方が ぐっと😩💕きますね アタクシは身びいきでは ありえない 😭 ですから サラ ヴォーンにはかかなわないのよ🌟🤩