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Eminus Feat Mr Neko - Catch The Flame

Dodano: 2016-01-04

Wyświetleń: 3383

Czas trwania: 5 min

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Opis materiału Eminus Feat Mr Neko - Catch The Flame

                  Eminus Feat Mr Neko - Catch The Flame                


Rebeca B
Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl
I have to fix my Subject now ( and I do with my heart ---> study and more thing. But not everything ).
Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl
Yes, I do from with my heart.Cool song Rhythm Radu. ( positive song )***Everyone is sad and happy. Our life is not always happy and our life is not always sad.🎈Both happy and sad it's common life🎈* Happy to be happy "from the inside."* The life of Humans is Up and Down like the Sun.* It's Dark and it's Light.* It's Light and Dark. But there is a way out.🎈Do not let sadness swallowing Pleasure ( don't let sadness eat up your happyness )🎈
Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl
Now I shrug my shoulders with the music 😄. And still read the book.I'm always glad ( means much much! glad than sad ) Radu. Good song and "beautiful RHYTHM
Thitima Chaihan Löfvendahl
Very beautiful "RHYTHM" and beautiful Video
Jolanta Duriene
HELENA 23.03.
Nádherné video,krásna hudba,prajem pekný deň.
Momo Joue
Hello. Very nice song love with videoclip vote ★★★★★thanks for posting