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Rod Stewart Live Full Concert 2019

Dodano: 2019-01-02

Wyświetleń: 117284

Czas trwania: 01:12:46

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Opis materiału Rod Stewart Live Full Concert 2019

                  Rod Stewart  Live Full Concert 2019                


Stephane Herringtonio Romance and Gothic writings
Saw him at Ipswich earlier on in year! Great stage show,and was certainly not disappointed!!!Whoever is going in December,have a great night!♥♥♥
Lumpek L
I'll see You in Birmingham on 13th Dec Rod! Can't wait!
Shirlei Miranda
31/10/2019 quem está ouvindo este fenômeno da música amooo.
Britta Larsen
look at etsy.com/shop/brittasmykker and see how I looked in USA
Zilma Fiame
Brasil ❤️
Romario Xavier Xavier
Ñ mudo nada
Maggie McKay
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Ive ALWAYS loved him! Im a MAGGIE, lol
Madeline Simborio
Old its gold # Philippines
Luci Buonavilla
Para quem tem ouvidos para boa música!
Mário Sergio
Um musico brilhante....