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Tangerine Dream - Logos Live

Dodano: 2015-06-14

Wyświetleń: 72939

Czas trwania: 50:52

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Opis materiału Tangerine Dream - Logos Live

                  0:00:00 - Logos Intro 
0:04:32 - Logos Cyan 
0:07:02 - Logos Velvet 
0:11:50 - Logos Red 
0:20:16 - Logos Blue 
0:25:30 - Logos Black 
0:30:06 - Logos Green 
0:35:20 - Logos Yellow 
0:42:16 - Logos Coda
0:45:07 - Dominion

November 06, 1982
Dominion Theatre (London)
Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling.

From mid October to late November 1982, TD toured in Europe performing 31 gigs at all in Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the UK, Belgium, West and East Germany. The concert at the Dominion Theatre in London was released only a few weeks after on the record Logos Live.

Logos Live features only 50 minutes of the original concert: The first six and the last 39 minutes of the main set plus one of the three encores. The remaining music is for some part officially unreleased by now, other tracks origin from the albums Exit (1981), White Eagle (1982), The Keep (1983, released 1997) and Poland (1984). A remastered audience recording of the complete concert has been released by TD fans in 2003 as Tangerine Leaves Volume 1: London 1982.                


45:07 best electronic track ever
roberto cirrito
Favolosi!! Ho ancora i loro vinili!
Trevor Sanders
Logos red has to be one of the finest pieces of TD music ever recorded.I was at that gig. First time I actually felt the floor vibrating under my feet !!!!
Rolfis Dreamworld
25:30 That's when I discovered the group. an Angel play this in a record store
Jhead bomber
One of the greatest longest running bands ever.
Mike R
This concert took place one week after I was married. At that time I had heard of TD but had never seen any of their music for sale. Logos Blue is my favorite portion here.
Josef Putz
Heard them live in 1982 in Munich - Circus Krone... GREAT!!!!
Mike Watkins
Hermann Munster
A timeless masterpiece!
super album et quel son !!!    michel goguelat  goldream2