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billie eilish - true blue (lyric video)

Dodano: 2018-01-18

Wyświetleń: 950750

Czas trwania: 03:21

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Opis materiału billie eilish - true blue (lyric video)

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• Billie Eilish -

• Produced by FINNEAS -

social media: https://twitter.com/eilish_YT

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Malena Tannaz
idk why but i would rather her nor releasing these songs so that the og fans can keep it to ourselves
people who call themselves ”true fans” and call new fans ”locals” or ”fake fans” aint no true fans just sayin
True Blue
To all the people who are calling new fans "Locals" thats an insult. Some people really love billie. Just cause they werent first doesnt mean they're fake fans. I started listening to her music 2 years ago and it feels like i've been listening to her music since ocean eyes came out. Respect new fans and old fans! We're a fandom. Be nice
- l e a h
I fucking love this🥺🥺
only true fans know every word to this song since 2018
Alice Trica
New fans can also be real fans, we just found her when she released Dont smile at me or some when she released Bad guy, or even later, but that doesn’t make them fake, they just haven’t heard about her till then
Marith xPizza
Our hiding spot from the new fans😂
Savage Celestina
This is so on fire ♥️♥️
Amandine Rioux
She should release that song!! Its so perfect🥰
100 condições
Não tem o que dizer de Billie Eilish! Ela é perfeita!!!