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Japanese Lesson 23: Nai-de Kudasai

Dodano: 2014-02-28

Wyświetleń: 136010

Czas trwania: 03:01

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Opis materiału Japanese Lesson 23: Nai-de Kudasai

                  Please view previous lessons for additional vocabulary and grammar.


For Nai form conjugation please view lesson 22. This lesson covers the "nai-de kudasai". With this sentence, you will be able to tell others not to do something.


食べます ー> たべない / to eat → to not eat
たべます ー> たべないでください /  to eat → please do not eat
このケーキ / this cake 
このケーキをたべないでください。/ Please don't eat this cake. 

よみます ー> よまない / to read  →  to not read
よみます ー> よまないでください / to read → please do not read 
わたしのてがみ /  my letter 
わたしのてがみをよまないでください。/ Please don't read my letter.

とります ー> とらない / to take → to not take
とります ー> とらないでください / to take → please do not take
わたしのしゃしん / my picture 
わたしのしゃしんをとらないでください。/ Please don't take my picture. 

いきます ー> いかない / to go → to not go
いきます ー> いかないでください。 / to go → please don't go
いかないでください、あぶないですから。/ Please don't go, because it's dangerous.

のみます ー> のまない / to drink → to not drink
のみます ー> のまないでください / to drink → please do not drink
のまないでください ー> ふるいですから。/ Please don't drink, because it's old.

あけます ー> あけない / to open → to not open
あけます ー> あけないでください / to open → please do not open
あけないでください、さむいですから。/ Please don't open, because it's cold. 


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I thought after I-adjectives or negative form verbs we have to drop the い and attach “くて“ so can you please explain why in this case we attach で? どぞよろしくおねがします^_^
Ziena Mohamed
arigato gozaimasu
Holly Terrens
Thank you for your fantastic lessons!!
Yup Yap
Please do not eat the babies, they are crying, crying for their hunger to be sated. Feed them, feed yourself too them.
Change the verb to nai form and add "de"?
Thanh Hằng Võ Thị
Cảm ơn cô nhìu lắm, mà cô nói tiếng anh dở quá
1:21 made me think of this song. /watch?v=YIAnkrPgTvY
Excellent videos, really good for reviewing!
Than Min
Maiky Kirihara
Your videos have been helping me so much thank you!