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W.A.S.P. "Inside the Electric Circus" (FULL ALBUM) [HD]

Dodano: 2014-10-06

Wyświetleń: 456351

Czas trwania: 55:31

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Opis materiału W.A.S.P. "Inside the Electric Circus" (FULL ALBUM) [HD]

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W.A.S.P. "Inside the Electric Circus", full album from 1986 in HD

1. "The Big Welcome" (00:00) 
2. "Inside the Electric Circus" (00:51) 
3. "I Don't Need No Doctor" (04:54) 
4. "9.5.-N.A.S.T.Y." (08:20) 
5. "Restless Gypsy" (13:07) 
6. "Shoot from the Hip" (18:07) 
7. "I'm Alive" (22:46) 
8. "Easy Living" (27:08) 
9. "Sweet Cheetah" (30:20) 
10. "Mantronic" (35:36) 
11. "King of Sodom and Gomorrah" (39:45) 
12. "The Rock Rolls On" (43:36) 
13. "Flesh and Fire" (47:28) 
14. "D.B. Blues" (52:07)                


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Subscribe Here for New Uploads: https://www.youtube.com/c/WolfgangVonPoserkilaTrack list:1. "The Big Welcome" (00:00)2. "Inside the Electric Circus" (00:51)3. "I Don't Need No Doctor" (04:54)4. "9.5.-N.A.S.T.Y." (08:20)5. "Restless Gypsy" (13:07)6. "Shoot from the Hip" (18:07)7. "I'm Alive" (22:46)8. "Easy Living" (27:08)9. "Sweet Cheetah" (30:20)10. "Mantronic" (35:36)11. "King of Sodom and Gomorrah" (39:45)12. "The Rock Rolls On" (43:36)13. "Flesh and Fire" (47:28)14. "D.B. Blues" (52:07)
toast toasted
This album is so underrated!!!!!!!
Michael Dabitz
One of the best from wasp 👍👍👍💯
Máté Marsi avagy a Kegyetlen Joe
Sergey Merzlikin
Ronald Lauesen
Outstanding album. I have and love the live version. Real music.
Nothing worse than a badly produced killer album.
Vlada Trifunovic
this one aged very well...
Vasco Apolonio
Fuck Doctors. Give my beer my weed and my music and ill live for ever. .
Jason Nosaj