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Steve Lawrence - Footsteps

Dodano: 2010-01-10

Wyświetleń: 141744

Czas trwania: 02:12

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Opis materiału Steve Lawrence - Footsteps

                  Steve Lawrence - Footsteps (1960)                


Tricia Irvine
love it......always have,
Someone please turn the clock back....
Carolita Çağatay
I am 37 years old but I love this music!...
Everyday I wonder why.. so true
keri caye
I have loved this man since the day I first heard this...1960..I will love him until I'm history! I know I can't take Edye's place...but I could sooth that pain of her loss.
George Horner
magnificent voice,
Steve Lawrence sure had a series of hits that were easy to listen to that were soft rock to pop hits, he was a very talented man. Did he write most of his songs or were other artists involved.?
Angela Sanders
Love these oldies...🙌
A favourite of my childhood. Very good song.