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MPA Academy - Girls Like - Tinie Tempah Cover

Dodano: 2016-04-06

Wyświetleń: 16451

Czas trwania: 02:47

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Opis materiału MPA Academy - Girls Like - Tinie Tempah Cover

                  MPA Academy and Agency present - Girls Like by Tinie Tempah ft Zara Larsson.

Check us out @ mpa_academy on Instagram



Ariana Styles
this is so awesome I wish I was one of you
dreamy sara
MPA do you know Holly Or Vicky (Victoria) They are my street dance teachers!!
Thea Rozze
sick day x
Pastle Nicole Plays
lol I love your work stevie holly and James I go to mpa acadmy
Omar Smith
The editing on this video is absolutely fantastic. Really impressive stuff, and a lot of effort clearly went into both the original dancing and choreography, as well as the editing and post production. You've got a really smart setup here and I've subbed so I can see more of your work. Keep dancing, girls, it's what you're good at!!!
Andrew Walker
Hi it's Zak Walker from today
ahahah coool )))
Nailed....<3 it
XxGracelovesunicorns xX
Not hating but thats total lip syncing