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Best Remixes of Popular Songs 2019 & Trap Music Mix

Dodano: 2018-12-22

Wyświetleń: 1888531

Czas trwania: 02:09:13

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Opis materiału Best Remixes of Popular Songs 2019 & Trap Music Mix

                  Best Remixes of Popular Songs 2019 & Trap Music Mix

Hey guys! The best start for a new year is to go through the past year's best moments, don't you think so? I spent more than a month on creating this video. I went through weeks of research, checking all the streaming platforms, radio shows and many other music events to find the most loved trap remixes of 2018. After I got the list of songs and permissions to them, I got to work on arranging and mixing the songs, to create smooth and soft transitions for you to feel fresh during the whole video and no way could get bored. I spent almost two weeks on building the video's structure, changing, replacing, editing so many small elements, creating a super catchy and reminiscing chain of songs to finally bring you the idea I wanted this video to have. For the video's mood I decided to keep it uprising and happy with dance elements, because I thought it would be an amazing start of the new year with inspirational vibes to make people believe in achieving something great in the upcoming 2019. I put as much joyful vibes in the mix as possible, with the idea to make the mix that can serve for many life cases, whether you're doing sport, studying, having a relax or even if you're searching for recover your mental health, this all I did my best to put in this video. During the whole video I created the roller-coaster of emotions, where the video boosts your spirit up and then softly decline it down a bit. This is the way I wanted to create this video's each second very catchy. I began the mix with 2Scracth's chill trap remix of "Get It Right". I wanted to start the video softly. Then I put more powerful remix by Elijah Hill's of an uprising music star of this year - Billie Eilish. I kept on smoothly boost the video's energy. The 3rd pick I gave to an insanely catchy King Kavalier's bass remix of the "River". After I decided to bring more speed to the video and actually create the first roller-coaster of emotions by putting one of my favorite Dark Heart's remix "santa monica & la brea". The following pick belongs to one of the most popular this year's remix by Fairlane of "Believer" originaly performed by Imagine Dragons. After this powerful remix I decided to dilute the video's mood within adding dancing tunes within Felix Palmqvist's remix of "Say Hi". So far I kept the roller-coaster, so you can feel the going up & down feelings. I couldn't help but share EMDI x KVMO's remix of worlwide viral cover of "In My Mind". Simple lyrics and catchy melody with massive bass, what else a banger should have? After I kept on the roller-coaster strategy with from time to time putting chill remixes for you to take a breath. Also, I decided to cover as many music lovers as possible by adding remixes of many genres. A good example is Jaydon Lewis' remix of K-Pop song titled "Fake Love" by BTS. I would like to tell in details of the whole music mix's idea and why did I choose each song its' place, but YouTube description can not handle so many symbols. So, in a world, I did my best to create an extraordinary music mix that isn't like a video you'd like to skip to other point, but a music journey that you would like to back to again and again no matter what you're doing, no matter the time you're watching it. It took me a month to finish the first part of the video, the following week (almost two), I spent on creating the visual part of it and the thumbnail. I reached an amazing designer Vj Catman and got a few visuals and license to them. As the video's duration turned out into 2 hours I thought that having dynamically changing visuals will keep you fresh all the way long. I also added motion particles to give it even more moving feelings. After I spent hours on audio-synchronizaiton, to make my logo and a few more elements react to music, so you can feel the vibes even closer. After the visual part was done, I put it to render and got to Photoshop to work on the thumbnail. I reached King Jediah and got permission to use his amazing artwork of Billie Eilish. However, I spent a day on editing it to fit the YouTube thumbnail requirements, while keeping the original artwork's idea. I worked on color-correction, background, added moon light effect and a few more elements. Eventually, as I said, the whole work took more more than a month. I hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope my efforts were worth of it. Thanks all the musicians and designers that took part in it. Have an amazing 2019 year everybody!

Visuals: https://www.instagram.com/vj_catmac
Artwork: https://www.instagram.com/kingjediah

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Sinan Yilmaz
BEST TRAP SONG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-OftocC7lg
Chaleerage 759
The best trap remix compilation I've ever come across. Awesome work on this mix. Keep it up!
Emma Powell
stop at 1;10
Hokheng Ung
The song "Go fuck yourself" is very intense.
Alejandro Rodríguez
Roses are red Violets are blue i hear this remix and my neighbours to!Edit:They invite the cops!
Copyright: iam a joke to you?
Nice songs! I even hear when I have a shower.😂
Creak FFM