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It's a Great Day to Be Alive | Ian Humphrey | Goalcast

Dodano: 2018-05-12

Wyświetleń: 1443030

Czas trwania: 09:57

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Opis materiału It's a Great Day to Be Alive | Ian Humphrey | Goalcast

                  Eloquent and charismatic, Ian Humphrey shares the journey of his amazing, inspiring life, as he travels through comas and foster homes, prisons and a rebirth in gratitude.

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This powerful motivational speech and story of perseverance will bring you one step closer to the beautiful life you deserve and pave the road for growth and happiness and success in life. 

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Sorry, this is really serious but imagine if that educator was actually his dad that supposedly died inside of prison?
f y
Similer situation this hit me hard
Dawel Quevedo vargas
“It’s a great day to be alive” I’m telling my grandma😭😥
blind connections
You are truly amazing! And I was abused at the age of 2 1/2, and it left me blind for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t go back and change the world and wish that I could see again. I’m happy for what God gave me! But people like you, make me stronger every day! I had a cracked skull, broken collarbones, broken ribs, fractured leg, and a broken jaw, all at the age of 2 1/2! I got burned with cigarettes, and irons! People used to bully me, and look at my wrist and say that I would cut myself and laugh at me! I had about four or five suicide attempts! But it’s made me stronger! You are truly amazing! Because of you, I play Special Olympics basketball being blind! I did cheerleading being blind! I did track and field being blind! I also did cross country in seventh grade! Now, I’m about to graduate! I honestly can’t believe it! Being blind made me want to give up so many times in school, but I never did! Never forget, that I believe in you!
Quantum Ghost
Whoever dislikes this is a monster
For anyone that is watching that may be in a place of self doubt and the past is beating you up. You are not your past. You are a the greatness that God has fashioned with his own hands. I pray that you stand strong and push to newer heights. YOU CAN DO IT!
Suman Mukherjee
Darker the night, brighter the stars seems. Great journey man, uve been strong and beautiful. God bless you and prayers for your grandma 😊
Miss Alexander looking real goofy right now...
T Williams
I still feel irrelevant to this world almost 60 and still have no idea what I'm here for and I keep trying with happiness 😒
yanesi Ibal-caro
Amen, god bless you!