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WASP The Crimson Idol full album

Dodano: 2018-07-05

Wyświetleń: 53615

Czas trwania: 57:53

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Opis materiału WASP The Crimson Idol full album



toast toasted
The best album by WASP....PERIOD!!
Tom Ffrench
One of the many reasons 90s metal was awesome
João Almeida
28 people deserve to die
Steel Fury
21:32 So beautiful.. my Mother fell in love with Blackie & W.A.S.P ever since she heard me listening to Wild Child, and I can tell why Blackie's voice & music always touches her.
SnarlyGalaxy 293
This album is a masterpiece,it’s a journey not just a collection of songs
Ace Of Scorps Tarot and Oracle
What killed WASP?? Blackie's "I've got something important to say,now and oh, my painful life" bullshit. WASP wasnt exciting from the headless children and this was not what anyone wanted
Patrick Apom
Arena of Pleasure... Shit I had forgotten how many times I could listen to that one in loop!Amazing album... |m|/
For those who know about REAL music...
Wow, it's been a while since I listend to this album. I love it! Always did. I remember recording this on tape and send it to my friend and neighbour in Malaga, Spain, when it came out. He absolutely loved it ; ) But W.A.S.P. has stood the test of time. It is still great music. One of the best heavy rock bands out there.Me and my neighbour once saw them live in Copenhagen arround 1990. Absolutely great perfomance.
Діма Пирлик
Best album of the best band