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Metallica - Reload (Full Album HD)

Dodano: 2015-06-22

Wyświetleń: 31286

Czas trwania: 01:16:07

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Opis materiału Metallica - Reload (Full Album HD)

                  Reload – siódmy album studyjny grupy Metallica wydany 17 listopada 1997 jako kontynuacja albumu Load. Utwory pochodzą przede wszystkim z sesji nagraniowej poprzedniego albumu.

1. Fuel [00:00 - 04:29]
2. The Memory Remains [04:29 - 09:09]
3. Devil's Dance [09:09 - 14:28]
4. The Unforgiven II [14:28 - 21:05]
5. Better Than You [21:05 - 26:26]
6. Slither [26:26 - 31:40]
7. Carpe Diem Baby [31:40 - 37:52]
8. Bad Seed [37:52 - 41:58]
9. Where The Wild Things Are [41:58 - 48:52]
10. Prince Charming [48:52 - 54:57]
11. Low Man's Lyric [54:57 - 01:02:35]
12. Attitude [ 01:02:35 - 01:07:51]
13. Fixxxer [01:07:51 - 01:15:53]                


Nightmare Gigi
Wo polska xd
(new lyrics) When treated like dirt we'll move through the dirt to get our own esteem or self-esteem, we'll strip smile, if we need to, we'll get anyone to use the day because its where most measures have sway, that's where we can have our day, we are re-creating experiences that elevate a belief that serves to take action, to give our line in our part of the play, to make our mark, to find the locale, our spot where we can train, to read or meditate, we'll do anything to get our property back, we'll have fun getting it back. We'll rock anytime, and anywhere. If anyone wants to use violence, go Mano a' mano with any one of us, fisticuffs or taking someone away we'll be taking their attack as a provocation, decided in conflict and they'll be taking their words with them. We believe in a Amor Fati resilience, its a thought with attitude that anything that occurs to us is something we'll expect a return to, we can seize the day with; “A resolute, enthusiastic acceptance of everything that happens in one’s life.” It is fate to believe in what we are capable of.
Diego Ambrósio
This album is the sound of the loss of the mighty James Hetfield.
Kus Boy
Low man's it's Very very Good
to many fuckin adds they fuckin kill the vibes on full albums
Yerman Tovar
Great álbum...thanx man
1'16'04' (76'04')
Bbotone One
sorry for leaving this video's album in the middle of the playing