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The XX Intro HQ

Dodano: 2017-04-15

Wyświetleń: 10025929

Czas trwania: 06:54

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Insert inspirational but slightly depressing quote here
Who from Wylsacomm?Хто от Wylsacomm?
Dainion West
This song has a different vibe depending on whatever is happening in your life when you listen to it
Rowena Ravenclaw
Just rediscovered this song and I still love it
vinc perfecte
Perfect song
Srijan Biswas
Ann Theres Midthjell
Set Username
I never realised that Top Gear used this in their Africa Special for one scene, what a wonderful choice of music!
Aaron Norwood
This song reminds me of walking through the park, and you see somebody staring intently at a tree, trying to decipher the meaning of life out of the myriad patterns in the bark of this tree there at eye level. You stop, watch him watching this huge fucking tree, finish your cigarette and then pat him in the shoulder and utter quietly in a non condescending way "sometimes a tree is just a tree." You're not trying to be an asshole. Maybe it helps, maybe he goes home and blows his brains out. 👾 also of high school and cocaine.
Allan Marshall
these songs are rare n far between..m83 made a master piece..this guy just did a "Aliens" on this....you the best