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Clann - Kin Fables (Full Album*)

Dodano: 2018-05-04

Wyświetleń: 139641

Czas trwania: 43:41

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Opis materiału Clann - Kin Fables (Full Album*)

                  NOTE: I don't want to infringe or offend the authors of this release, or make "self-promoting", it's just a sharing cause.

*Track #7 "Witching Hours" and #3 "White Flowers" are not included. Anyway, both appear on the official website of the band: https://clann.bandcamp.com/album/kin-fables

Visit the first part of the trilogy:

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lenore cassandra tepes
Me enamoré de su música, como para bailarla en un bosque bien poseída...
alien on keyboard
Send from above, to reminds us of everything we are, the good and the evil, the bright lights and the darkness, the forgotten and the unforgiven, the fairy tales and the true storys about this chimeric life.
Euline Federchen
The end is very good! Extra good!
Denis Ramsey
so different so thought provoking so beautiful amazing comments my love peace and distant healing to all who need and except this thank you love and light
Anita Tobias
Thank you for that bessing❤️🙏❤️it is much more than music! transcendence
Anima Libera
Which one is 28:26 ?
I can't stop crying...This is amazing! I know you're here too.
Zoe Floreus
I'm an author, and if my books every become movies, I'm totally contacting these artists! What enchanting music!! Like Zimmerman! 😍
Uoau 🙏 #respect