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Clann - Kin Fables (Full Album*)

Dodano: 2018-05-04

Wyświetleń: 108713

Czas trwania: 43:41

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Opis materiału Clann - Kin Fables (Full Album*)

                  NOTE: I don't want to infringe or offend the authors of this release, or make "self-promoting", it's just a sharing cause.

*Track #7 "Witching Hours" and #3 "White Flowers" are not included. Anyway, both can be found on the official Bandcamp of the band: https://clann.bandcamp.com/album/kin-fables

Visit the first part of the trilogy:

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Uoau 🙏 #respect
Albert Karam
I can t believe that this album has only 100k views, it certainly deserves much more, truly amazing!
Alyssa Reeder
which song is the one that starts at 14:44 ?
Peter Gumaer Ogden
great! beautiful.
Саша Кружнич
4:53 makes me close my eyes for sec everytime, such a mesmerizing beat here
Richard Miller
Electronic beats ruin every song
David Mosquera
Eterno canto que transporta el alma a lugares donde las lineas solo forman un horizontes tan delicados y calmos... que delicia es escuchar estas melodias!.
Tybalt Capulet
This is amazing work
Mariella Perruna
Eftihia Bourdouvali
Beautiful ! ! !THANK YOU