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Da Tweekaz & Neilio - Freedom (Original Mix)

Dodano: 2016-01-31

Wyświetleń: 38714

Czas trwania: 06:35

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Opis materiału Da Tweekaz & Neilio - Freedom (Original Mix)

                  Da Tweekaz & Neilio - Freedom (Original Mix)

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Jared Croft
I can't seem to figure out how many times they change the baseline in the first drop...it seems to change like every 8 counts lol
Fucking George Bush monologue lmao
You can't go wrong when you see Neilio in the title.
andreas jacobsson
OK...I'm really NOT a big fan of hardstyle, but it cant let this gr8 track pass me by....love the vocals, and pretty much the rest too...hahaha....THX from C-rious, Sweden...
DJbudx x
woooooohoooooo yes FULL version.Mellody is amazing flippy and happy.
Sinan Şahin
callan s
You need to update your DP to that Astronaut looking ass with headphones on on the right XD
Arnaud Dedlarny
Best track to start Tweekay16 :D Love it!
Zee Thirteen
Love it :DOne of my favorites by them. The beginning is amazing.
Mr Garrett
Sometimes DaTweekaz make absolute turds of tracks (Red riding hood etc) but this is definitely at the other end of their musical spectrum.