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Model Man - Ketones

Dodano: 2018-11-28

Wyświetleń: 752485

Czas trwania: 04:35

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Opis materiału Model Man - Ketones

                  UK-duo Model Man deliver a captivating mood on the visual for their latest "Ketones". 👈

Stream & Download: https://model-man.lnk.to/Listen

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» https://majestic.lnk.to/modelman

Video Credits
● Directed by Model Man
● Producer: Ayo Davis
● Executive Producers: Mark Murdoch, Nathan Killham, Anna Peftieva
● Choreography: Dominant Namek
● Cast: Demi Mensah, Gianna Gi, Shanika Wallace, Renee Stewart, Jonny Vieco, Kirubel Belay, Mikey Boateng, Ryan Heseltine, Livvy Lynch, Thom Galbally, Feven Eyob Michael, Ben Higgs
● Assistant Director: Danny Peter Smith
● Cinematography: Dan Stafford-Clark
● Focus Puller: Brendan Harvey
● Loader: Julian Lowe
● Gaffer: Ollie Richards
● Grip: Luke Chisholm
● Stylist: Anna Peftieva
● Makeup: Sophie Cox
● Hair Department: Elvire Roux
● Runners: Will Powell & Toisin Lepe
● Editor: Rob Brandon
● Colorist: Joseph Bicknell
● Special Thanks: Sillis Movement, Frame24, Cinelab, Onestop Films, Location Lighting, Moonman, Rebel Post, Cheat

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Majestic Casual
House Music Battle Royale 😅
28 Day Keto Challenge
Thanks for sharing this video. It's very interesting and helpful video.
Alex G-dur
K Humble
Hooked to this song now.
seetho minkuen
Envy X
This song is so underappreciated. I expected millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Let's share till that happens. Thank you for a lovely piece of art. We're privileged to get it for free.
where can I find more music like this??
Michael Gates
This song kicks so much ass!
szeemaine tigno
raping the play button
Txt Kid
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