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Attack On Titan S3 - Berthold Transformation | Apple Seed EP 52 | Epic Cover

Dodano: 2019-05-18

Wyświetleń: 872858

Czas trwania: 03:44

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Opis materiału Attack On Titan S3 - Berthold Transformation | Apple Seed EP 52 | Epic Cover

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Cover by: Friedrich Habetler & Siegfried Song
Original by: Hiroyuki Sawano
Image by: Jerry Fletcher (Modulius)
Anime: Attack on Titan 
             Shingeki no Kyojin                


Siegfried Song
The version we made has no actual lyrics, but mostly mimicking the sound from the battle scene of the episode 52. Because the scene was way to loud, I could not even hear a single word in that song. We will definitely make a new version when there are legit lyrics. Until then, I hope you guys enjoy this moment, peace!
Daniel Hgu
What language??
2003 Maurya
Your edits never miss to amaze me
goggle drive
"Because this world ,...just cruel"
Jherson Calderon
Me encanta demasiado, más que todo 2:30, y como va cantando espectacular <3
Rafe Jaeger
Can we talk about how fucking awesome and epic this cover actually is?
Minhaj Uddin
because the world is just this cruel...booom transform......this theme with his transformation is simply epic and beautiful with dark touch...attack on titan is an once in a lifetime anime...cheers till it lasts
Charles Zevisionneur