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Kensington - Uncharted (Official Video)

Dodano: 2019-11-08

Wyświetleń: 130383

Czas trwania: 04:13

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Opis materiału Kensington - Uncharted (Official Video)

                  Official music video for UNCHARTED by Kensington from the album TIME. Stream or order the album TIME here: https://Kensington.lnk.to/TIMEYD. Subscribe to our channel here: http://goo.gl/VXMPm4. 

► Kensington on Streaming Platforms: https://umusicnl.lnk.to/KensingtonMusicID
► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kensingtonband/
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kensingtonband/
► Twitter:  https://twitter.com/kensingtonband/ 
► Store: https://kensingtonmerch.com

Director: Boris Booij (CZAR)

Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan (Woodwork)

Idea and Produced by: Marvin & Boris (Woodwork & CZAR)

Director of Photography: Jasper de Kloet
Production Manager: Ardi Lock
Management: Cedric Muyres

Line Producer Armenia: Vladimir Grigoryan 
Casting: Yelena Tadevosyan & Roseanna Badalyan
Art director and stylist: Yelena Tadevosyan 
1st Assistant Camera: Lars Inhulsen
Assistant Director: Roseanna Badalyan 

Make-up artist: Nina Hovsepyan 
Production Assistant: Raffi Podratchyan 
Gaffer: Sahak Manvelyan 
Driver1: Arsen Badalyan  
Driver2: Seno Nersesyan     

Edit: Boris & Marvin
Vfx Artist: Marvin Koppejan (Woodwork)
Vfx Artist: Moa Nordin (Woodwork)
Vfx Artist: Simon van de Rijdt (Woodwork)
Vfx Artist: David Gieling (Woodwork)
Vfx Artist: Ernst Noort (Woodwork)

Grading - Erik van den Heuvel (de Grot)
Online - Nino Oosterwijk (de Grot)

Sound design: Max Gramser (THNDR)

Professor: Alexandr Badalian 
Boy driving car: Hambartsum Sargsyan 
Girl 1: Christina Danielian 
Girl 2: Nina Danielyan 
Man in Apartment: Ara Karagyan 
Woman in Apartment: Mariam Meliqsetyan 
Scientist 1: Petros Hovhannisyan 
Scientist 2: Roman Babayan 
Scientist 3: Davit Davtyan

Special thanks to Maloney Amsterdam and everyone else involved.


No one knows just what to say
It’s like we’re in uncharted territory
No one knows the proper way
It’s like the ground has fallen from under me

And all sensible words
All sensible hearts
Oh where do they go
And why do they leave us now

And if I could go back again, I’ll go back again
If the worst is happening how does anything work
Now let me please go back again, I’ll go back again

No one knows what part to play
It’s like we’re in uncharted territory
No one knows another way
It’s like all grace in life has parted from me

And all sensible words
All sensible souls
Oh where do they go
And why do they leave us now

And all sensible words
All sensible hearts
Keep calling for course
A heading or buoy
Could the end be a start?
All sensible souls
Oh where do they go
And why do they leave us now

This is the official YouTube channel of Kensington.                


A song about loss. A dear friend lost his younger brother in a tragic accident. Never have I experienced something more moving, it felt like uncharted territory. A couple days after the accident this song poured out of an old acoustic guitar. This is the song I’m most proud of. - Casper
Fender Mustango
Hey you guys remind me of a Dutch Snow Patrol. Can not belive you have not made it big In UK. I mean your music is perfect for a sing along at a festival and the crowds you get in your home country is epic. Hopefully you come do some UK festivals next year?
Johan Relouw
Prachtig nummer mannen 👍
Ramon Paars
Weer erg vernieuwend Kensington.....
Thank you. All I can say. Thank you for this beautiful, and unfortunately relatable song. I have been going through this shit a few weeks ago, and really feel this one. Beautiful. Thank you♥️
Beste band van Nederland. Echt Top muziek ga zo door jongens.
Nathalie X
😶 speechless 😶 wat een geweldig nummer. Het raakt en de tekst is pakkend. Wederom wéér een heerlijk nummer van jullie. Super dat jullie een band zijn uit ons kleine landje. Trots! Ga zo door. 😘
Falaffel Gra
Kippenvel !
Lucien Immink
Mooi werk weer Boris!
Lynne te Lintelo
Casper, mijn complimenten voor dit nummer! Afgelopen vrijdag ben ik voor het eerst naar een concert van jullie geweest. Het was geweldig! Maar dit nummer is gewoon grandioos! De hele zaal voelde de emotie in dit liedje. Geweldig♥