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Red Rider - Can't Turn Back

Dodano: 2008-10-14

Wyświetleń: 93823

Czas trwania: 03:55

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Opis materiału Red Rider - Can't Turn Back

                  Red Rider - Can't Turn Back                


im annonymous
This was the story of a Canadian band who paid dues kicked ass and rode the wave of success..the last hurrah of rocknroll radio days canadian style....ah to be seventeen again lol
Flash Thunder
This brings memories back to me about my holidays at Spain
Shane Sotelo
I can't turn back (Support 81) (Rocky) (SHANE KILLS)
Flash Thunder
why is this video not availeble????
Gwen Payne
NO RETREAT AND ABSOLUTELY NO! SURRENDER!I keep my personal self esteem healthy by seeing ppl and situations for exactly what they are and dealing with them accordingly.The good,the bad,and the ugly and take courage in knowing I have a good heart.Even when it appears I'm the one on the losing end....I never can be counted as a LOSER.... because I fought all 10 rounds!
Tony severy
Darcy B
I hear tones of the Vietnam war in these Neruda tunes. This album took Red Rider to the top of serious Canadian rock.
My favorite song is Lunatic Fringe but love these guys period! :)
Robert Tomah
Awesome, cool song,..none can turn back,.....straight ahead, no way out,.......Human Race,......
Geoff Edwards
Red Rider rock. This is one of their best songs.