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1959 HITS ARCHIVE: It’s Time To Cry - Paul Anka

Dodano: 2015-04-21

Wyświetleń: 11086

Czas trwania: 02:25

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Opis materiału 1959 HITS ARCHIVE: It’s Time To Cry - Paul Anka

                  It’s Time To Cry (Anka) by Paul Anka

Paul’s decade-straddling top-5 single was sandwiched in-between his major hits “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and “Puppy Love.”

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This artist is a Canadian from Ottawa. That's the capital city of Canada which hosted the Juno Awards this year. Paul Anka should have been there in his town of origin to win the Juno lifetime award.
Mike Vallen
Very fine upload...first class sound quality....my major compliments .
David Pádraig Cox
Thanks for posting. I've always loved this song, still have the original 45 but can't find it on CD! They seem to leave this one out of the P.A. compilations last time I checked.
Derrick Sutton
awesome song by Paul Anka The words really hit home
Carole Ann Davis
Love this by Paul Anka!!!! Thanks MusicProf78 for sharing!!
This really is still a fantastic song. His earliest stuff was by far his best work IMO.
wow, the sound quality is superb. Thanks for the post!! And I still love this song some 50 years later. Never thought way back then that I'd make it this long.
Fantastic work, as usual!
i love this song....did you see his crazy movie look in any window?