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Geri Halliwell - Passion - 3. Love Never Loved Me

Dodano: 2013-01-19

Wyświetleń: 26802

Czas trwania: 04:05

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Opis materiału Geri Halliwell - Passion - 3. Love Never Loved Me

                  "Passion" is the third album by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. It was released on June 6, 2005. The album was phenomenal, but was a commercial failure. It peaked at #41, and sold a modest 5,432 copies. The album spawned two singles: "Ride It" and "Desire". In my honest opinion , "Love Never Loved Me" should have been the first single. I think it would have done extremely well in the UK Charts.

Argentinian Albums Chart - #17
Canadian Albums Chart - #127
Greek International Albums Chart - #37
Italian Albums Chart - #49
UK Albums Chart - #41                


Shinjini Bose
Love it.Really a blast for me!
eliab pimentel
Все для тебя, рассветы и туманы.....
Franco Saenz
What doesnt kill me its making me strang im Ready for Love! Ginger Team Forever!!!!
zuel traenz
Masterpiece & Evergreen
Travis M
Madonna stole this album and turned its dance tracks into “confessions on the dance floor “ note “sorry” and it’s similarities
Josh Lawson
Love this song <3 Is that a Depeche Mode guitar sample i hear?
Да ну, совсем не похожа на песню Стаса Михайлова, несколько нот только схожи.
Датоша Меркурий
Стас Михайлов ты натуральный пидорас-тебе бля самому не стермно так нагло пиздить мелодии?
a m
This song should be release as the next single .. ever green