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Geri Halliwell 'Love never loved me'

Dodano: 2006-08-19

Wyświetleń: 70599

Czas trwania: 04:05

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Opis materiału Geri Halliwell 'Love never loved me'

                  This is a song Geri normally would have released but in the end she choose 'Desire'. Too bad, 'cause this would have been a hit!$
Taken from the flopalbum 'Passion'.                


Dave Gordon
Reminds me of something that could have fit on Madonna's album confessions on a dance floor mixed with Depeche Mode
Azim Mania
oh gosh,ginger spice my favourite😍😘
tamo toi
♥ ♥ ♥best
Geri just tweeted she wished she had released this one instead of desire.
Sarah Pleef
Apparently this was nearly released under the alternate title, 'Can't lose this herpes'
mousy mouse
мля- @,баный бабайка - опять на@,бали ))
mousy mouse
это стас @ Co своровали... посмотрите на дату загрузки-2006...
Mr. Whiteman
колдовство, проигрыш похож
Alexander Collins
Что за песня?
Mr. Whiteman
да и кукрыниксы тоже.а впрочем похуй)