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Shook Ones Pt. 2 Instrumental - Mobb Deep

Dodano: 2009-04-12

Wyświetleń: 4236042

Czas trwania: 04:24

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Opis materiału Shook Ones Pt. 2 Instrumental - Mobb Deep

                  Instrumental of Shook Ones Pt. 2 by Mobb Deep                


Cuz there is no such thing as Halfway Crook
Lightning Bolt
Whoever came from 8 Mile or Eminem is a half way crook (not true hip hop expert)
Yuyo 22
Dragoste,ura,mistic și ștoacăDa nu va plac femeile că și lui ciucaToți îmi ziceau trage in pieptSunt neclintit,calc cu stangu' da tot e dreptNu mă laud că fac rapNu vreau Diss,mi am promis că o să fiu mai bun ,da coae n am cumDe la atâția falși sunt scrumPoți să mi și fuți un pumnSunt mai bun decât toti la un loc,n aveți dume că și mine suntem în Matrix v am pus pe stopNu mai am nimic pe stoc da tot am scosNu o dau la întors nu mai mânca căcat că e grețos Nu mai fii prost nu mai vorbii fara rost,sa te spargi ca prostu?are vreun folos? Nu s pe dos,dacă vorbești cct șterg cu tine pe jos.Yuyo nu mă cunoști nu vorbii,ăștia toți nu scriu doar ard hârtii nus cel mai bun da nici cel mai prost din copiiNu mă laud că am bani,că stau cu golani,ci am o familie frumoasă și gagica mea nu i zdreantaViața e frumoasa trateaz o că pe un pamflet toți să laudă că fac rap,dar m am saturat de ani care e de cct in trendM am saturat de cacatu' lumii,nu știu să dau cu pumnii,da ți dau cu mentalitatea,când cumperi iarba mirosi sa i vezi calitatea, ci nu cantitateaFapte,nu vorbe,când am intrat pe rap am și dat probe,știu să pic pe tobePoate mă iei in ras,n ai idee cat am plânsToate s au dus,punct ochit ,punct lovit,sunt mic da nu mă mai dărâma nimic.
ramal ceferov
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paul verma
Motherfucker! Motherfucker ! Damn! This beat leads me in the space!
Eric Dawson
the fact that most of u hear this and think of 8 mile lest me know ur not a real hip hip fan because the song its self is a classic. R.I.P Prodigy
prod. nick
PaperDragon 14
aint no such thing as half way crooks! he's scared to death he's scared to look
Thatchermain 69
That fucking stare man
Justin Blackboard
top so far below everything you dont need and so much higher than that one time or last time or better chance of staying clean steering the wait of saving ways waves waste wake up for it never dismiss ones own inutition its just a million different it could be after kid moment never giving to much thought difference is we make a right can you see spittin for the ones who jusy listen wishin its just a minute I could had never waited for a dime until the pressure was finally put to the side had to just realize the future was bright and all while im writin knowing that just could be my way out never dreamed before I could be smarter if I made the best highest mixtape that can generate a really big change spending my money like know tomorrow like today see my homies still stuck on the same page tryna switch em up and make a difference they can recieve didnt want much attention but not everything is made in a way real ones to play your best music the latest best time is now thats whats been telling me so and so far I make my lane my own record deal the heart of my rhymes grease of bars collide passionate I might write and write know its alright dis my inner light no longer a fight are they in fact going to debate the gas I spit the way I grip a paper ink on the track and destroy the mike its only right if I sold it straight in the game all the fucking way its so dope its hell kids wanna rebel when my final record sales deplete find it neat I tried clean and kept the street in my mind out the backseat and steady looking forward never looking once back fire department signal display back around grave achieves zero mistakes thats whats invisible in dis bizz real funny fuckers just to like your shit and that stay legit even when you might get rich money catch them not acting the same sure its strange its kinda like a bitch no more drama got a clip show event stunt lately havent been feelin mutt on dat day day to keep jones a free wit the cops around the corner while rollin sticky green bet belead extra rolle nigger below in front of parkin.meter payed 350 no quarter tax payes anutter nose water fat rlly on whair duh money at healthy raps spit on the track trap niggers who rlly god jure back carry heaters and let nemah fact paydem no impact of a rapper wit coffee first single mate bitchz rich and ugly began a trend juss made a way for all duh trap niggers who stayed in there own lane nothin left for dem to protray strange foreigner in jure wallet carry weight gritty mentality's the only way to display real ones code name of honor show that its father was gettin bothered test maybe caughter size it up and lead sum hotter chedder christmas presents how juss movin bricks on der page knowin niggers rlly fuck wit jew anyways day call it edge diss rlly border duh newest read there introvert rap in deez bars dat go rite over jure head so dont get mad don get aggravated or over jaded analytical supposed disposable outer layer this wide day paper wit haters call em they neghbors rite nex door waitin wantin ask rare raped apperent bars translated favors metphorical gas to comprehensive higher education educational danger zone is clear learn fast adaptation all dat made knowledge's power im the very first place act is in fact a makem race anyway on my nigguhs worst day still out rap best spitters writers wit either unequal to the procedure to endure and feature money brought back den healthy off perhaps burdened overtly cam see their happens to be dur own doing rap fever matrix's end twenty years cleaner ego lean while owning ones reader intuitively master children like a badass teacher earnest dat cancers to injury newt surgery doctor actually radically practically mattering director pattern gain bank account stock exchange bitcoin maxed out currency online wit the filthy buy and cell history eatimg deez feedin theze quite honest fightin unhappy finger on da trigger white and black sinister gold shine color blind on mi dime found out juss figures whod vert give doe quicker in out between all ment bidness adventure no pressure dis fire hot over burned