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Karl Jenkins - Benedictus

Dodano: 2011-04-24

Wyświetleń: 1439271

Czas trwania: 07:34

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Opis materiału Karl Jenkins - Benedictus

                  Sublime Classical / Choral music set to cosmic video.
Best viewed in HD 720p.
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Benedictus / Benedictus
Qui venit in nomine domini
Benedictus / Benedictus
Qui venit in nomine domini
Hosanna in excelsis (repeated)

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Steve Anderson
Simply beautiful. What more can one say?
John Caukill
When I first heard this remarkable work of musical genius it immediately changed my life. I feel very blessed to have heard it and it will always have a sacred place in my heart.. It's wonderful to think of how small we are in this vast universe and how wonderful our Creator is. This wonderful music and video presentation goes some way to expressing it.
Jürgen Naeve
time to smile, time to cry
Susan Moran
Poor Patrick below this comment. This is angel music. Enjoy and be reflective.
Tv Time
I’m not really a lover of classical music but this is amazing and so moving
Richard Wells
I wouldn't have thought anything could add to this beautiful composition but thank you for this video which indeed adds much.
Elvina Fernandes
Been a musician since 2002 and never cried except for this and Mahler 9th finale.
Elvina Fernandes
Is that a cello solo at the opening?
marvin lopetegui
this and the mission (ennio morricone) played by the german orchestra are the best celestial piece
Edgaras T
Who is here after 2CELLOS\HOUSER ?