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Karl Jenkins - Benedictus

Dodano: 2011-04-24

Wyświetleń: 1546246

Czas trwania: 07:34

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Opis materiału Karl Jenkins - Benedictus

                  Sublime Classical / Choral music set to cosmic video.
Best viewed in HD 720p.
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Benedictus / Benedictus
Qui venit in nomine domini
Benedictus / Benedictus
Qui venit in nomine domini
Hosanna in excelsis (repeated)

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Alexander Schestag
Stefania Roncalli
Maximum Ninjutsu Power
best song to masturbate to EVER!
Donna Lawrence
Tissue please.
Brilliant piece of music. I always think of my mother who passed away...She is surely in heaven right now. Love you Mom.
Cheap garbage.
Vesna Jurić Rukavina
Maybe it's peace, maybe that's where we're going. Every note of beauty is of God. Forse è la pace, forse è lì che stiamo andando. Ogni nota di bellezza è di Dio. Peut-être que c'est la paix, peut-être que c'est là que nous allons. Chaque note de beauté est de Dieu.Možda je tu mir, možda tu odlazimo. Svaka nota ljepota je od Boga.
Leo Op Het Eyndt
This is so beautifull ! I want this mucic to the end off my live. 😊🌹
Regina Bugaj
I envision this as the journey to Heaven. Breathtaking song that I have never heard till recently. What a great video to go with this song