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Falco-Rock Me Amadeus

Dodano: 2012-09-08

Wyświetleń: 396840

Czas trwania: 04:09

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Opis materiału Falco-Rock Me Amadeus

                  I like this song because it also teaches us some history of some of the best composers.                


Jennifer Hartranft
Thanks, Mick. You little rat.
Heard this on the radio this morn. Still love it
Edward Cofer
I felt that, the world lost a genius when, he left us.
This is THE best version hands down but it is not played entirely enough!!
Nick Billups
Family guy and Bob's burgers brought me here.
Ruben Rios
Good song, gay ass intro
Allen Trey
Totally Awesome Hulk🤗🌾👊👊👊
Saul Garibay
This song i live in Mexico great memories
Who does the voice-over bio at 1:02?
Kathleen Engler
Joke: Constance waivers?