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Bumpin Uglies - Optimism in F# (Live Acoustic) | Sugarshack Sessions

Dodano: 2018-11-16

Wyświetleń: 92947

Czas trwania: 03:18

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Opis materiału Bumpin Uglies - Optimism in F# (Live Acoustic) | Sugarshack Sessions

                  Bumpin Uglies from Annapolis, MD performing their original song ”Optimism in F#" live at the Sugarshack Recording Compound in Bonita Springs, FL. Episode #312 of the Sugarshack Acoustic Live Music Series. 

Find the band at: https://www.bumpinugliesmusic.com

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Director:  Eddie Kopp 
Film: Eddie Kopp / Justin Kaczmarek / Arian Antonucci 
Audio: Alex Casement of Sugarshack Recording Studio 
Edit: Eddie Kopp 
Producer: Jameson W. Yingling 
Colorist: Justin Kaczmarek 
BTS: Spencer Paterson 

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Edgar Ramirez
pixel glitch
This whole song vibe and the beautiful beautiful beat of that drum hit my soul! Groove on my cuzins!
Yeah, that's the one.
John Moran
He's saying " trade my cards in for a new hand " right? All sites have" trade car in for new whip " that just doesn't make sense for what he's singing about
Jerry Marquez
Low season it’s about to start in Bocas Del Toro but don’t stress find the solution to keep on moving . Struggle is divine .
nicole few
Charlie Gonzalez
Better and better and better everytime. Can't wait to plug the device into the stereo.
Ryan Green
Pleassee come to tulsa. This song has helped me through so much recently.been listening for about 4 months but wish i had found it years ago. This sonf helped me through both my families splitting up, my own relationship falling apart. Id really love to see this played in person. Thanks for spreading the positivity💜💯
John Carr
Would Love to see these live like from England.... they got lyrics
These Ugly bastards are the best thing since gummed rolling papers. That drummer and his snare killed it. Brandon is the best singer/songwriter alive