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Yatao | Phoenix | Handpan&Didge

Dodano: 2016-09-05

Wyświetleń: 5414968

Czas trwania: 06:15

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Opis materiału Yatao | Phoenix | Handpan&Didge

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Massive thanks to the beautiful Hannah Rajah (http://www.amalunastudios.com/) for creating this video!
Creating artists: Yatao - Malte Marten and Alexander Mercks
August 2016
Please listen on good speakers or headphones for best sound quality.

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Andy Arias
The energy this instrument produces is excitement
Big RZ 650
Nunca vi tais instrumentos q show!!
Paul Münzer
I have the same dig and i love it.Great work guys
Тимур Орлов
Вот это косяк... О_ОБраво! отличное исполнение :)
TzeDek ParaConscientes
Awesome!!💯🙏Peace and Love
Сергей K
Тазагон и трубодур, вместе они сила!
Зверь Зверь
Dislikes - loosers
Мнение наблюдателя
Я думал хоббитов не существует
x -one
hello I’m french and i would like buy a handpan, I would like to know what’s kind of handpan it is ? What’s class of note he doo ? Thanks for your answer 😉
Teresa Mukari
Gorgeous men 😍