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Trina - Redemption (feat. Nia Amber and Ball Greezy)

Dodano: 2019-03-04

Wyświetleń: 2474902

Czas trwania: 04:25

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Opis materiału Trina - Redemption (feat. Nia Amber and Ball Greezy)

                  Music video for Trina's "Redemption" featuring Nia Amber and Ball Greezy from "Blue Magic" available now: https://song.link/trinabluemagic

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TFP Travel.Food.Peace.
Ball Greezy fucking snapped.
miguel figueroa
Stupid m********* should I had to common decency!¡!?!!!! Damn that got me there, 💯
Crystal Gibson
Damn this some real real real thang Damm hot
Kashara Taylor
I'm Feeling This Song
Ball Greezy, try this....speed up the track...lose the disrespectful words..."First of all, you speaking on the kid, but you wanted em all, you speaking on my heart, but all I wanted was Brawl,  When I met you, all you wanted was MORE, I gave you a mansion and Calcutta FLOORS, Don't be acting like you were not sprung, everyday shopping spree mad strong, now you think you could do no Wrong, tryna put me on blast like that clit ain't Sore, Trying to lie on me like I didn't SCOre......check this out...I could bust on you wild, but you know that ain't my style, bird, you aint worth my while,  generic on the wall like Subway Tile, you know I turn you on when I go Buck Wild, dripping on the bed like your name is Nile, confused on the face like who to Dial,
Erica Arguello
Rosa Castaneda
Heayb big mom big daddy. Miss you love u
Florida Lottery
leniz orozco
Trinaaaaaa 👌❤❤
Lelas Spawn
I'm luvn' Trina's vibe. She's going harder than ever🥰✌🏾🥰 MUCH RESPECT MA!!!!