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Cosmic Gate - Halo (Extended Mix)

Dodano: 2017-04-21

Wyświetleń: 27553

Czas trwania: 06:43

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Opis materiału Cosmic Gate - Halo (Extended Mix)

                  Get it here: https://cosmicgate.choons.at/materia-extended

Three months ago, Cosmic Gate introduced the world to ‘Materia Chapter.One’ – the seventh entry in their illustrious album canon. “Made for the club” was how MIXMAG portrayed its music (in their March Album of the Month review), and that’s something that resonates ever greater this April. Today, Nic & Bossi are excited to unveil The Extended Mixes version of their “impressive, roots return” (DJ Mag), “10/10” scoring “masterpiece” (FAZE Mag) album.

Each of ‘Materia’s tracks have been taken back into the studio and expanded, enhanced and further developed to their ultimate full-length conclusions. More of ‘Fall Into You’, ‘Edge Of Life’ & ‘Fireflies’ vocal eminence! More of ‘Dynamic’, ‘Halo’ & ‘am2pm’s striking primetime floor ethics! More of ‘Spectrum’ and ‘Fight The Feeling’s immersive trance-progressive vision! It’s all here, bound into Chapter.One’s essential Extended Mixes edition.

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This song is epic to play eve valkryie in virtual reality too with joystick and throttle.
this is such a good song omg.
Alexis Ramirez
state of trance....
Najam Ul Haq
This album sounds like the ripoff album Signs of Time
No words...
S Baillie
Love it
guys please what's the name of that kind of music ?? Cuz I love it and I still don't know the name of that kind of music XD
White Russian Panther
Cosmic gate rebirth 👍🐸
Mehdi El abdaoui
Wow this is a tune