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01 - John Frusciante - The Past Recedes (Curtains)

Dodano: 2010-10-11

Wyświetleń: 622001

Czas trwania: 03:54

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Opis materiału 01 - John Frusciante - The Past Recedes (Curtains)

                  John Frusciante - The Past Recedes
Album: Curtains (2005)

Curtains is the seventh solo album by John Frusciante released on February 1, 2005 through Record Collection.The last album in the six-in-six series was almost two months late due to a printing mistake, yet absolutely worth the wait. John's voice is better than ever and on some songs, such as Control and Ascension, he's literally playing with his wide vocal range and, through crystal-clear singing, once again, portraying the nude of his own soul; singing and strumming the cords from the living room for of his Los Angeles home, backed up by his friends Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Carla Azar and Ken Wild. The emotions and voice are echoing after having hit the glass and the walls and are channeled through the acoustic guitars, electric guitar overlays and even a melodica solo at the end of A Name, following the last sung lines starting with words from a children's game. On Lever Pulled, yet another song that resembles a poem from the later XIX century romanticism era, it sounds as if the notes escaped, tripped and broke against the floor. There are verses which could associate to Prometheus and Noah; yet the most of it is pure Frusciante, the raw flesh just torn off a poet's heart. Casual listeners are most likely to say that John resembles Cat Stevens on this album.

1. The Past Recedes [3:53]
2. Lever Pulled [2:22]
3. Anne [3:35]
4. The Real [3:07]
5. A Name [2:03]
6. Control [4:29]
7. Your Warning [3:33]
8. Hope [1:56]
9. Ascension [2:53]
10. Time Tonight [3:12]
11. Leap Your Bar [2:36]


And then the past recedes
And I won't be involved
The effort to be free
Seems pointless from above

You're looking down at me
I'd rather stay below
Than have you staring up at me
It's nowhere I want to go (oooh, oooh)

Ay, this business of how long we try to stay alive
Why to be here you've first got to die
so I gave it a try
And what do you know
Time was so long ago

And things come back you see
To where they don't belong
And every drop of sea is the whole ocean (oooh, oooh)

I lied to the greatest thieves
About anything and everything
I'm a figure of forgotten speech
I'm out of reach
Oh, I can't play it safe
But I might just in case

(Ooh, oooh)
I'm disguised as a reaching hand
I'm a working man
I don't understand why clockout
comes so slow everytime
That's one line I stay right behind
That's one line I stay right behind, yeah


Release date: 01st February 2005
Released: Worldwide
Publisher: Record Collection Music
Duration: 33 minutes, 43 seconds
John plays: Acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, melodica, piano, strings essemble, mellotron, synthesizer, treatments
Other musicians: Carla Azar plays the drums, Ken Wild upright bass. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta plays lead guitar on Lever Pulled and "joined guitars" with John on Anne
Produced by: John Frusciante
Engineered by: Ryan Hewitt
Mixed by: Ryan Hewitt
Mixing assisted by: Chris Holmes
Recorded/mixed at/when: John's living room (08-14th and 19-23 May 2004)
Mastered by/where: Bernie Grundman/Bernie Grundman Mastering Hollywood, CA, USA
Designed by: Mike Piscitelli, John Frusciante
Cover photograph by: Lola Montes



Jordan Barone
John Frusciante is such an amazing person i feel lucky to get to hear music like this
omar Vasquez
Валера Айнануин
I feel like: Wake up in the morning, good day is coming and i'm so peacefull
Leandro Carrizo
Es igual a starsailorrrr muy buena canción
Sal Quo
First song I've heard from this guy but oh my god. shivers down my spine... just sounds so damn good.
Iezzone Cover
Ehi guys! Take a look at my electro-acoustic cover of this song on my channel ☠
Michael K
1:01-1:20 is spine tingling.
Gabriel Medeiros
Oh gosh, that solo is one of the most beautiful things i ever heard