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Glee - My Lovin (You're never gonna get it) (Full performance +scene) 5x09

Dodano: 2017-04-01

Wyświetleń: 328170

Czas trwania: 02:45

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Opis materiału Glee - My Lovin (You're never gonna get it) (Full performance +scene) 5x09

                  All right to Fox
Episode: Frenemies                


alyssa Davidson
Tina was awful to artie pushing him like that
Patricia Ramirez
"and YOU think you are gonna carry us to victory" actually he's been carrying new directions since the beginning, I mean, next to Blaine, Artie has always had the strongest voice, even stronger than Finn's
Hughie Brophy
Eilna doyle you next sing
Pongali x2 jajajaaj la velocidad
amelia crabtree
whenever i hear this song now i just think of tiktok
I mean even though Tina in this season sucked and she hurt Artie in this episode she did kinda kill her part. Like she doesn’t has the chance to sing often and she did good, I was surprised. And yes unique could’ve done it but just appreciate the voices that aren’t heard as much as others.P.S. in 1:44 she sung a F#5 and I didn’t expect her to! And then she sung an Ab5 in 2:00Like other than her character she has become an amazing singer over the seasons
Mikayla Delgado
Tina is a lil mean to artie she pushed artie to the floor kitty is nice to him and artie likes kitty so much
Dr. Hemlock
when a guy in a wheelchair can dance better than you
Dieu Sylvestre
Angel Wolf draws
You know, I'm honestly glad that Bree ruined Tina's prom. But here, I wished Kitty would slap Tina at the end after she hurted Artie.