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The last of the Cowboys - Trucker Tribute

Dodano: 2017-11-02

Wyświetleń: 1135565

Czas trwania: 03:21

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Opis materiału The last of the Cowboys - Trucker Tribute

                  Modern-day truckers are the last of the cowboys and a vital asset to our nation and our economy. This is a small tribute to those hardworking men and women.                


scotty fitzgerald
Had The Pleasure Of Running With Mr Tony This Morning 11-11-19 Easing Into Baytown Tx With His Big Ole Prudy Truck Hung That Arm Out The Window With A Thumb Up To Him Spoke A Few Words On The Ole CB This Is Ole J Fruit We Back Out
Kingship LLC
Everything about this video's awesome except for the Fitzgerald Advertisement in the bottom right corner those sell out suckers gave up their allotment of gliders for no reason.Or maybe the reason is they can make more money servicing emissions than building good trucks
Rusty Brown
I miss my days of Trucking it sucks being retired. Used to have a T-shirt that read Truckers Last of the American Cowboys.
My uncle is a part time trucker I have a lot of respect for them. Keep it up
Donald Bartram
They all look the same except the colors
isaiah lambert
I love how much people disrespect truckers. Especially the one's over the road. They are a hundred tons and 65 ft long and you expect them to drive like a sports car. These men and women give up their time with their families to make America run. The least you could do is stop driving like idiots.
isaiah lambert
Back in the day when truckers were known as "knights of the highway" because they cared more about helping other rather than deadlines.
mathieu collette
Git r do e
Bob Americana
I am not one for Paccar products but i do miss that T600. she was a luxurious lady. nowadays i will stay with volvo.
Петр Чуднов
Why so few likes? !! This is a cool song !!!