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The last of the Cowboys - Trucker Tribute

Dodano: 2017-11-02

Wyświetleń: 847868

Czas trwania: 03:21

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Opis materiału The last of the Cowboys - Trucker Tribute

                  Modern-day truckers are the last of the cowboys and a vital asset to our nation and our economy. This is a small tribute to those hardworking men and women.                


Jarrod Brown
You fellas in the States have some good looking trucks 🤙
john donovan
dying breed. its all about mega fleets now. gl making money on your own, or with a truck that is heavier than a base cascadia... you literally wont get any loads!
Elias Van Loon
I wish it was possible to drive these trucks in Belgium :(
Charlie Nichols
You guys really don't get the respect you deserve. People take y'all for granted. They don't realize that if every truck stopped in America for a week. They wouldn't have clothes, Your house car gas or food. The list goes on and on. So take time to thank a trucker for keeping America rolling. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS
Blake Roffman
Last of the Cowboys is a great truck driving song
Monique Nesbitt
Bye bye cowboys
lawn green
your fuck all like Jesse James more like Janes you wankers!!
Who the hell dislikes this?!!!
E Nikata
Gorgeous. You want to see real trucks, you have to go to America. Those things are true beasts :)
Kimberly McKnight
Can someone tell me what the name of this song is?