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My - Jay Park (feat. Lil Boi) [ENG SUB / HANGEUL]

Dodano: 2016-01-05

Wyświetleń: 225333

Czas trwania: 04:20

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Opis materiału My - Jay Park (feat. Lil Boi) [ENG SUB / HANGEUL]

                  Artist: Jay Park (feat. Lil Boi)
Album: Worldwide (Deluxe Edition)
Song: My

* "Get high" (훅 가 / hook ga) sounds like "hookah"
** "Sell so well" (잘나가다) also means to be successful/popular
** "I'm not top dog" and "pack leader" : I used a different turn of phrase for these lines in order to keep the Korean word play alive in translation. The meaning of these lines, however, remains accurate/true. (:

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gucci gang
Dissing jyp is stupid
Lil Boi <3 I have the hots for Lil Boi
Thank you for the true translation, bless up and remain prosperous!!!!!!!!!!!!
sh K
이 곡으로 박재범에 대해 갖고있던 인식이 180도 바뀜.. 그동안 내가 왜 고정관념때문에 박재범 노래를 안들었을까..생각하게 됨..ㅎㅎ
Moon over the moon
Je suis en love avec ce son
Why is this at the end of "In this bitch" mv ?
Jeon boi
"Middle fingers in the sky"Aside from appreciating the deepness of this song, this line made me chuckle
nobitabrian 1515
This one also about dissing JYP. But so damn true 🙌🏻
Hoshimi Sato
This is a long version of the end of In This!!!
bts and got7 and big bang trash life