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Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky

Dodano: 2007-09-29

Wyświetleń: 7582068

Czas trwania: 02:37

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Opis materiału Ramrods - Ghost Riders in the Sky

                  Sixties Nostalgia
Video created by Pukipu
Soundtrack: The Ramrods                


ed hill
I wish I had a fire horse
Les Bonnick
The best version by a million miles but Hank Marvin is also brilliant
"god i hate this generation" -Every edgy kid on the face of this planet
Mr Comical
I had Did the song with a guitar
Jude Vogel
wow the pitch of this guitar is relay low
luis brown peraza
hahahahaha oh yes im ghost riders yi haaaaaa
Mire Christophe
Mil Sufi dune D histoire lol pour .... Sliglè lol
Excellent..makes you wanna hit the chisum trail.
There's a version with a girl playing an electric guitar standing next to tower speakers, in the desert, with a cat on top of one of the speakers...anybody know the group or id of that?
One America United Again
Change our evil ways...... message of the song