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The Servant - Cells (Sin City )

Dodano: 2007-07-01

Wyświetleń: 2111451

Czas trwania: 04:54

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Opis materiału The Servant - Cells (Sin City )

                  Je to upraven ze Sin City



13th Evergreen
Now did they steal that rif from "the Servant" or is this in far use. 2004 is when The Servant album came out and 2005 is when Sin City hit theaters and I could never find anything about that rif but it does belong to Dan Black or Matthew Fisher
Grant Wilson
This movie proves that comic-accurate movies can be done well.
Absolutely love this song 😍🥰
This song makes me wanna do whatever I want to do
Austrian Truther
Amazing Song, amazing movie!👍
derek smith
A song about the sacrifices you make in life everyday for the ones u love or care about
Tiago Monteiro
Que pena o 2 ser um lixo
Kristel Coya Luque
Me encanta este tema..😎✌Me trasporta a los años 2008-2010
Youssef Naïmi
2019 anyone ?
Liam Telfer
I buzz off the quirky guitar riff, love it. I fell asleep one night and after sin city finished it repeated this track instrumentally with the dvd options. Makes me think of uni in London and a Korean chick! Thank you x