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The Beatles - Twist And Shout [The Royal Variety Performance, Prince of Wales Theatre, London]

Dodano: 2017-11-30

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Czas trwania: 03:24

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Opis materiału The Beatles - Twist And Shout [The Royal Variety Performance, Prince of Wales Theatre, London]

                  Live, Television: 04/11/1963
 This was the night of The Beatles' famous appearance at the Royal Command Performance at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London, in the presence of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.
 By this point Beatlemania was an established phenomenon, with the group drawing huge and frenzied audiences across the country and beyond. Although they were seventh on the 19-act bill on this night, they were by far the most anticipated performers to appear.
 The Beatles began playing their opening song, From Me To You, before the curtains had opened. After the final chord John Lennon and Paul McCartney moved their microphone stands nearer the edge of the stage to get closer to the audience.
 The Beatles' appearance was a triumph. However, they declined all subsequent invitations to reappear on the show, despite repeated attempts to lure them back.
«We managed to refuse all sorts of things that people don't know about. We did the Royal Variety Show, and we were asked discreetly to do it every year after that, but we always said, 'Stuff it.' So every year there was a story in the newspapers: 'Why no Beatles for the Queen?' which was pretty funny, because they didn't know we'd refused. That show's a bad gig, anyway. Everybody's very nervous and uptight and nobody performs well. The time we did do it, I cracked a joke on stage. I was fantastically nervous, but I wanted to say something to rebel a bit, and that was the best i could do.» [John Lennon, 1970 Anthology]
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"For the People in the cheaper seats Clap your hands, And the Others Just Rattle your Jewelry"- John Lennon 1965.
Hyunho Ji
This is usually what happensGeorge and Paul: ooooooooohgirls: screamsbut not this time, so thats nice
that one guy whos kinda good at guitar
High quality noise i appreciate you.
Dean Bishop
I love John Lennon and don't get comefues im a girl
Ringo Starr looks so different with no mustache
Band of brothers HBO
I absolutely love this song and I love the Beatles I listen to there songs everyday
spruce lee
cLaP yOur HaNds
Riichi Ota
What did he say in the beginning?
Icon Canada
brilliant and timeless
sc lawman
Nice to hear it without the screaming girls.