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I Can Only Imagine (Original Movie Soundtrack)

Dodano: 2018-07-23

Wyświetleń: 3637132

Czas trwania: 04:26

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Opis materiału I Can Only Imagine (Original Movie Soundtrack)

                  I Can Only Imagine · J. Michael Finley I Can Only Imagine (Original Movie Soundtrack) - Edited by Nelson Martin Pompeyo                


I an only imagine being with jesus
Darrin Miller
Austin Leister
Forgive me Lord
Welington de Souza Pedroza
Eu posso sentir a presença Deus através deste hino aleluia
Martine Gailhac
rotsen jay tacadao
Forgive and recieve forgiveness. ♥
Aurélie S.
La musique de mon film préféré qui fait écho avec ma propre histoire ! MERCI pour ce film 👏❣️🕊️
Aurélie S.
Superbe 💓
I pray for my husband right now, for he is liar like the man on the movie. But he is still living it. Worse and better on some ways but he has beat down the same way and is fighting every day to be happy and just for recognition from his mother. She was hardly there when he was a child and his dad left early on. Being his wife for 3 years I haven't even met him. Now all he has is his father-in-law who hardly acts like his dad and is hardly there for his mom either. We have our first child and he will never know his grandfather and his grandmother is so hurtful to both me and my husband that I fear she may not either. I suppose I pray for both of them. May their eyes and hearts be opened, I lay them down at your feet Lord. Help them find you. I've focused on them for too long Lord, please, fox their situation as your are fixing mine. I thank you and praise you for this and I pray it be done in your precious name that I pray, amen.