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be concerned - twenty one pilots (lyric video) | streetptry

Dodano: 2017-01-31

Wyświetleń: 46255

Czas trwania: 04:02

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Opis materiału be concerned - twenty one pilots (lyric video) | streetptry

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Adhiatma Indarmawan
Welcome back all RAB
Felicity Dargis
It’s back, y’all happy now
thankfully this video is still around here.Right now is the time where the rab songs are getting deleted, and maybe this is one of the last times that I'm listening to the song that made me cry, but also let me breathe. It let me see something, that I couldn't do for a very long time, cuz everything was only black these days. This song let me see a little hope but also the soaking sadness. This song would always let me see a little more than black. It would let me see things I haven't seen for a while.So, if all of the videos will be gone in the future, I will remember this one especially.it was good to hear this when I couldn't go on anymore.
Maddie hhHhhhHhhHH
This will become the new iconic vid for this song
hold onto this lyric video guys, i'll make rab music videos if these get taken down but hopefully we don't lose rab
if this goes. then i guess my comment will too. but before they take away this video. i’ll leave a message for all you fellow clikkies out there. stay alive. it’s worth it, i promise. trust me please ||-// <3
Tania Martin
I feel like within the next week all of Regional At Best is gonna be gone. What hurts is that there's pretty much nothing we can do about it.
Juniør Puppy
The original vid got taken down?!😱
Margaret Patel
1:12 who is that? just curious
Clara Franziska