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Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken

Dodano: 2012-01-24

Wyświetleń: 54568258

Czas trwania: 03:48

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Opis materiału Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken

                  Evanescence's Official music video for "My Heart is Broken"  from the album, "Evanescence" released on Wind-up Records on October 11, 2011.
Buy the album on iTunes: http://ow.ly/gUolx
(C) 2012 Wind-up Records, LLC                


Mr. Patrick
asbeel 1876
Princess Red
Posted on my sweet 16th!
Amani Nefzi
2012 --->> 2019 ---->>?
ahyes alanjung
May 2019
flavianasouza souza
Os brasileiros que amam Evanescence são os melhores #2019 💕
Cassio Lima
Do jeito que o mundo esta hoje melhor viver no passado com essas belas musicas sem Duvida !
Brandie serignet
I want to be released as Well.This is the most accurate video i have seen yet.I long to go back to the source. Its all i think about.I feel her pain and the video was perfectly done💚💚💚
Go. OK!
g7 phoenix
Love Amy lee