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Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken

Dodano: 2012-01-24

Wyświetleń: 55500064

Czas trwania: 03:48

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Opis materiału Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken

                  Evanescence's Official music video for "My Heart is Broken"  from the album, "Evanescence" released on Wind-up Records on October 11, 2011.
Buy the album on iTunes: http://ow.ly/gUolx
(C) 2012 Wind-up Records, LLC                


MSN Magic
2019 I'm from future😂❤️😁
tips delo OSCURO
Billy stowe
I love you Amy Lee <3
gdshdsfjhdh X
Pretty heavy stuff I love it what a great voice
Bouch Naaoumi
17/07/2019 ??
Jayme Huntus
I dedicate this to you
chi uhauha
The love of my life died 11 weeks 3 days and 9 hours ago and I can't stop crying and listening to this.
Sounds exactly like bring me back to life.
Patrick Cockman
I think your an amazing women and singer.
Rafi Abbasi
2:54 <3