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Favourite Afro Dance Moves of 2018 Tutorial | Sherrie Silver X Nike

Dodano: 2018-12-09

Wyświetleń: 1009192

Czas trwania: 04:22

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Opis materiału Favourite Afro Dance Moves of 2018 Tutorial | Sherrie Silver X Nike

                  Hey guys! I hope you have had an amazing 2018!  I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to learn some of my favourite moves from the year!

Instagram/Twitter: @sherriesilver
Email me: [email protected]


- All clothing is Nike
- Love my new shoes? Here you go! https://www.nike.com/t/af1-rebel-xx-womens-shoe-v4dK0X/AO1525-200

The shoes are Nike Air Force 1 Rebel XX                


congratulations on your project: The rhythm and energy is contagious, .. youth grows with rhythm and health:By way of suggestion: watch out for North American groups that in Europe and Latin America are destroying families, and that are now being exported to Africa;  They are dangerous sects called Jehovah's Witnesses: they are sects that in Russia and China have already banned them because of their danger to society:Research and educate so that your family life does not affect you:Greetings and follow the dance:-----------
Gabriela D
She is talented and gorgeous
Isabeli Miguel
https://youtu.be/f4HgxFkpGxYTHIS Channel is amazing too!! You gonna Love it! ✨😯❤💛💙🌎
neha neha
Do male dancers do some female-tyoe afro dances?
Be back to practice after I get out the shower....Something in my leg not working right or maybe it's just slippery.
Gautama Siddhartha
Black is beauty
Neyro Mosha
The best teacher ever
Britt Ny
What's the one at 4:10 called ?
MimiMer88 Soul
The vosho gets complicated. It's for real flexible and light dancers.
I am from INDIA and I accidentally saw your dance... And now l am a big fan of you...Sherrie...